Access Your 3D Application Remotely
Renderjam is optimized for secure remote access to 3D applications through a web browser.


Webcast Your 3D Designs With Others
Renderjam allows you to share your 3D models right from your desktop to others in a web browser. Your 3D models never leave the premises!


Securely Share Your 3D Application Live
Renderjam allows remote users to collaborate by giving them control of your 3D application.


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    • Helping CAD Make the First Step to the Cloud.

      We believe that for cloud computing to make its debut in CAD, there must be a solution for the secure delivery of CAD and GIS assets in the cloud. Clearly a service is necessary to facilitate the benefits to the CAD market provided by cloud computing that also alleviates asset security concerns. We call this new service Renderjam. It is literally the CAD oriented feature fusion of WebEx™ and Go-to-My-PC™... for CAD!

    • Renderjam Features: 3D Live Cast & 3D Remote Access.

      Renderjam works by allowing Architects, Engineers, GIS professionals and Project Managers to securely broadcast in full 3D to each other, clients and stakeholders without the CAD or GIS assets ever leaving their system. By using Renderjam, they can use 3D design software they already posses to communicate and collaborate on 3D models with people all over the world in realtime. Renderjam also has the added benefit of letting users securely remote into their CAD and GIS apps while they are away from their desks to perform simple functions and saving valuable travel time by enabling their 3D applications for remote access convenience.

    • The Renderjam Service: Easy to Sign Up, Easy to Share, Easy to Use.

      By signing up for an account at the Renderjam portal, the user can easily invite others with just a link into a live 3D broadcast session using design applications like Revit, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo and SolidWorks right from their own PC. In these live 3D broadcast sessions, users can chat amongst themselves and also be given control of the application remotely to facilitate the discussion process. Renderjam has been optimized by Aftercad’s Patent Pending technologies to deliver the best possible live cast and remote 3D experience on the market for the money!